Foreword: Writing blogs was never my ambition, but some stories are worth sharing.

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While working on an upcoming project, I discovered something that shook me: Most of the Fine Art graduates stay active within the art scene, for a period of approximately 5 or 6 years. After that, the majority stops practicing art. For whatever reason.


I found this discovery quite interesting, and decided to start a research about the conditions to maintain a professional artistic practice. This resulted in a series of very inspiring conversations with artists from different art disciplines within different career stages.

I visited them at home or at their studio, to find out more about their formula for success and to learn from their stories.


Sometimes the artworld can be much like a tv-show, showing a curated form of reality. By putting a spotlight on the artwork, backstage processes remain unseen. It’s the struggle that makes the story, while the artwork is only a book cover. But I love them both: a great story with an awesome cover.


From my own experience, I’ve missed the real stories to learn from, alongside an approachable space for young artists, to cover the infamous ‘black hole’ after graduation. The ideology behind Culture Cube, is creating such a platform for artists, contributing to their artistic practice and development, building a network and inspiring. One of the conditions: telling real stories. Interested in the artistic process behind the product, I’ve been reaching out to artists, who I believe can be our mentors and a source of inspiration for many.


#ARTLIFE will show you a spectrum of stories focusing on a very important part: the backstage.
During my so-called 'chill sessions',  I've hung out with artists from different backgrounds and career stages. In this blog, I'm going to share with you my impressions, conclusions, memories, and stories from the talks I've had. Hopefully, these stories will inspire you, as much as they’ve inspired me.