Art Exhibitions - Culure Cube


Culture Cube is an artist-run interdisciplinary platform for art, design, fashion, and music in Utrecht. From a contemporary, critical, but also a playful point of view, we curate experimental and multi-disciplinary exhibitions to stimulate the artistic practice. 

Hosting exhibitions in unconventional spaces, we're aiming to step out of the white-cube presentation standards, and present art within an approachable way for a diverse audience. But we are more than a presentation space. Driven by our ideology, we're actively participating in different projects within the Utrecht art scene and focussing to show the backstage: telling real stories that inspire. 

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Culture Cube is initiated by Dina Ziad in 2018. After graduating from Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, she started investigating the art world-system and the infamous black-hole. What's the place of a contemporary artist in our society and how do we become an #artrepreneur. 

Her research started right after graduation in 2015, with the experimental exhibition space A014, that she ran for 2,5 years with 2 other colleagues. It was during this period, where Dina discovered her ambition to create something bigger than an exhibition space. She wanted to create a community, representing a sub-culture, that would function as a post-academic space for artists in Utrecht.
After the final exhibition 'ALLES KOMT GOED' at A014, she started working on her goals to create an interdisciplinary platform. Thus Culture Cube was born.

Watch the aftermovie of 'ALLES KOMT GOED' here